the boyfriend and i love to spend a weekend in paris now and then. last summer, we booked a hotel in the marais and used the velib' service to cruise around the city. we didn't make any plans for dinner, so the first night we sauntered onto the streets, hoping we'd find a cool place to eat. by some incredible twist of fate, we stumbled into unico - we didn't find out until a couple of weeks ago it's one of the best argentinian restaurants in paris - and nearly impossible to get a table there without reservations. lucky us.
menu # Meat, with a capital M. don't even think about ordering anything else - that would be sacrilegious. there's also a wide variety of side dishes, which i love (i always order too many). i shared the home made french fries and grilled veggies with the boyfriend, they both were incredible
food # it was insane. really, i couldn't possible exaggerate the quality of the meat, and the deliciousness of the entire dish. there was very little sauce (and it was more like a pesto anyway), but it was astonishingly rich in flavor
atmosphere # the place was packed (which, as it turns out, is pretty common), and we were only able to secure a table without reservation because of some guardian foodie angel. the restaurant is beautifully decorated, with colorful, authentically argentinian tiles and lighting, and lovely posters on the wall advertising the different portions of the animal that will end up on your plate
neighborhood # the marais is my favorite neighborhood in paris: it has a friendly, arty vibe, and it's always pleasantly busy
nice extra # the terrace certainly is very inviting in summertime
value # slightly expensive, but so. totally. worth it.

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