sunshine breakfast

they say in belgium you've gotta grab every opportunity to spend time outside in the sun. so that's exactly what i did this morning, which got off to a relaxing start, dreaming about future holidays.


Al said...

I so agree!!!
Coming from Italy and now living in Belgium for me it was like a light-shock... Now when the first days of spring come I try to stay out as much as possible and I really feel my body and mood changing... I never enjoyed the sun so much, I really learned to appreciate the smells, the light and the warmth here: in Italy we give it too much for granted.
I love Belgian summers and I really think that Belgian people really know how to enjoy it... I'm so looking forward to June!!


Steph said...

I can only imagine the difficulty of trying to cope with our weather after spending a lifetime under the Italian sun! You're right about taking it for granted, it *is* nice to finally feel the warmth after a long, cold and dreary winter. But I wouldn't mind a sunnier spring and fall around here :)

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