i miss it

 whenever someone asks me what i miss most about ny, i answer: the abundance of choice. whether to eat, buy, make or do - it always seems like you have a choice between a million of products, activities, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, and no matter what you're looking for, it's there somewhere, waiting for you. the trick is to find it - and that's what i love doing most in ny: searching and discovering.
pics: fresh produce at eataly . dozens and dozens of different pastas, bitters and aromas at kalustyan's . japanese food and stuff at sunrise mart . the wonderfully designed meyer's cleaning products at a brooklyn grocery store . preppy ribbon at hyman hendler & sons


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

yep, call me a tourist (and hey i am) but i miss starbucks, just going whenever you like for a coffee. you are walking an oh i want coffee, and there it is starbucks. the idea is just genius. you can even choose where you want to buy your Chanel shoes, you have like 6 choices in the city. or the soft drinks!!! so many choice... it is like everything is there.... or hotels, endless choices.

Kelly said...

The endless choices you have in NYC, are one of the reasons I miss it as well (& one of the reasons I could live there).

Thanks for providing us with all your discoveries through your blog posts. :)

Anouk said...

Ha, the meyer's products... I saw them too in Brooklyn. If they sold those in Belgium, I would like cleaning so much more. But it seemed me a bit to exagerated to bring them home with me on the plane :)

But the choice in NY is indeed amazing, though sometimes, I found myself spending way to much time in a random supermarket or grocery store... guess I would have to learn how to handle all that choice.

Steph said...

@Kelly You're very welcome! Thanks for commenting, it's nice to hear sometimes people actually like what I'm doing here :)

@Anouk I couldn't not bring home some Meyer from NY... I bought the Rosemary hand soap and Lavender dryer sheets. Boyfriend thought I was crazy and obviously my suitcase was too heavy. So worth it though :)

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