as a longtime follower of hello sandwich i've been having a lot of fun reading her blog and discovering japan through ebony's eyes. thanks to her, i also discovered polkaros - another great blog based in japan, featuring amazing photography. normally i'm not easily seduced by all things kawaii, but i'm in love with this designer's take on bright colors.


Al said...

Uh thanks for sharing this blog!! You know how much I love Japan and I'm always in search for good japanese stuff online ;-)

When I went to Tokyo I bought tons of those colored tapes in the first pic, they're too cute I couldn't stop!! :D

Happy Easter!!!


Steph said...

Happy Easter to you too Al!! I know, the masking tape is just too tempting to leave behind... I've had to use every ounce of discipline in my body not to buy the entire MT collection online :)

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