geneva style

for those of you who follow me on twitter: yes, we've found an apartment in geneva! i'm so excited to start decorating a new place all over again, since we will be leaving our antwerp home intact as it is. needless to say, i'm going etsy crazy for industrial vintage, typography and grey-black-and-white color schemes. fun!
etsy love for: bestillshop - pigeontoeceramics - allorganictextiles - graphicanthology - glasspanic - williamdohman 


Annelien said...

Nice that you have found a new apartment! Lovely pictures!


auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

Great stuff! I've decorated my room (at home) with the same color scheme, but it could still use a few extras... Maybe I should search etsy once more, because these are so pretty! Have fun decorating your new home (although that shouldn't be a problem.)

And I have a tip for you: browse kapaza for cheap second hand polaroid cameras! (here's one:

Kelly said...

I'm pretty excited to hear you guys found an apartment in Geneva. I simply cannot wait to read about you decorating the place (I'm pretty sure you will write about it). The colour schemes you're talking about are so beautiful! Oh, by the way, don't mention Etsy too much, I try to stay away from there (it's no good for my bank account :))...

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