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blogs like this one fill me with joy, until they don't anymore. tell me, is it just me, or is this whole 'getting inspired by a blog' actually pretty exhausting? thing is, i never really know what exactly it inspires me to do. should i get cooking more? should i move to tasmania - or at the very least travel there? there are so many things going through my head - it's almost paralyzing. in the end, i just reblog, pin pictures to my pinterest moodboards and end up buying pretty towels like the ones they use in their pictures. because bringing out the mastercard is just way easier than applying for a different nationality. in any case, be warned before you go check out the origin of these photos above. it's easily the best food and photography blog combined i've ever come across. it might inspire you to do stupid things. or, you know, nothing at all.


Kelly said...

Somehow you managed to write down the words going through my head when it comes down to 'getting inspired by a blog'. I'll stick with the Mastercard for now, I guess. :)

Steph said...

Ha! Glad I'm not alone in this :)

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