whenever people ask me where to go in new york, i suggest they head over to the ace hotel. it's the coolest place in town to spend the night, but besides that, it also has the best coffee bar, the best hotel lobby for sipping cocktails and spotting hipsters - and the john dory oyster bar. it's a place where you go to see and be seen, and to enjoy the quirky interior as much as the pretty wide selection of sea foods. it's my favorite place in manhattan to do pre-dinner drinks and whip up an appetite with a gin tonic and a few oysters. oh, and i love those fish tanks.

photos by stephanie duval


Ylenia said...

Hi, it's official, I am in love with your blog! just found through lovely absolutely Mrs K.

I'll put it in my favourite :-)

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

Steph said...

@ylenia thanks so much for your sweet comment, hope to see you around here again soon!

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