anyone following my instagram feed knows i rarely leave my house dressed in anything else than sneakers. ever since i bought my first pair of all stars, i was sold. i just love how classic and iconic they look, and they (almost) go with everything. in my book that definitely means they're perfect. and my obsession is proving to be contagious - my mom and godson got swag, too!

on another note: converse invited me to london this week to get a sneak peek at the new collection. i'm equally excited about the fun places they will take us though - their press events have a tendency to be pretty legendary on their own. come back soon for pics!

all photos take with iphone, first published via instagram: 1/ my pretty mom and me 2/ cosy with my essentiel cardigan 3/ at the first lakeside bbq in geneva of the year (and surely not the last) 4/ i love these chairs at ostersbar in antwerp 4/ my loyal travel companions: converse + kipling 5/ my godson, about seven months old at the time


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

ik denk dat ik mijn eerste paar ongeveer 20 jaar geleden heb gekocht! maar sindsdien ben ik het merk eigenlijk een beetje uit het oog verloren! zou me wel een fel gekleurd paar voor de zomer willen aanschaffen dus laat die nieuwe collectie maar komen. PS zalige compilatie

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