over the years, many people have warned me milan can sometimes feel gloomy or even slightly boring - perhaps blasé is the word most often used in descriptions - but that's not the milan i discovered last weekend. of course we totally lucked out with the weather, and design week obviously brings out the best in this city. everywhere we turned there was something happening, everywhere we looked there were stylish hipsters making their way to one of the dozens of events and expositions. we loved every minute of it and are already planning our return next year, when we'll be taking more than 48 hours to get the most out of design week!

1 in front of gallery z33's space at ventura lambrate / 2 green invades rooftop terraces / 3 and little balconies / 4 and entire streets, like this via gesu

i do feel a little bit overstimulated - as if all of my senses have been heightened. i saw a lot of cool new designs, interesting collaborations and inspiring color schemes, and i will try to show you some of my favorites during the course of this week. but i wanted to start by trying to convey the general sunny atmosphere of the entire weekend. 'greenery' certainly proved to be a theme: plants, flowers and leaves pop up literally everywhere in milan. even within the expositions, green was very present. i'm starting to think that seeing so many beautiful plants is one of the reasons why i feel so energized right now. 

5 i loved the typography on the side of this building on via ventura, and how rad is that rooftop garden? / 6 ikea has launched some pretty interesting new 'green' products / 7 lush rooftop gardens in the brera design district / 8 a view from the balcony of our room at hotel sanpi / 9 another view of via ventura 6

note // our hotel room was kindly sponsored by if you're a frequent traveler - or foreign city dweller as i like to call it - you might want to check out their welcome rewards program. it allows you to save up nights to earn a free night's stay. and the best thing is that your hotels don't have to belong to a specific chain. if you're a fan of small, indie and boutique hotels like i am, this is definitely a golden tip

10 my favorite in the another terra 'home away from home' installation, by studio besau-marguerre: the greenhouse to go / 11 the cosy patio of legendary concept store 10 corso como / 12 outside of restaurant u barba (great design, but disappointing foodwise) / 13 another cool plant project at ventura lambrate

photos by stephanie duval


Hannelore said...

Oh wat mooi allemaal! En wij hebben in Hasselt ook een galerij die Z33 heet, al is dat gewoon naar het adres vernoemd. Toch een universele naam voor galerijen blijkbaar ;)

Annelien said...

Mooie foto's! Ik vind het altijd leuk zo een beetje 'natuur' in elke interieur/ gebouw!
❤ Annelien

Steph said...

@hannelore het was ook de expo van die hasseltse z33 galerij in milaan hoor :)

@annelien i agree - inspireert me altijd om zelf ook meer planten in huis te halen!

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